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Hello hello everyone! Been a while!

Lots of going on – home decor updates, beauty testing, travel, cooking, puppies. Between all the stuff, I have very easily missed deadlines and wasted vast amounts of money on missed vet appointments and lapsed vaccinations for my pups, late fees on bills etc. So I decided it was high time to get organized and get a Planner. I toyed with getting the Erin Condren Life Planner that EVERYONE in the social media community is obsessed with. But for now, I am happy with a more affordable one called the Secret Garden Do It All Planner by Orange Circle Studio.


The planner is a great size for my handbag and runs from August 2016 through December 2017. It has a nice monthly layout for all months in the beginning and vertical weekly layouts that I am loving.


There are pages for notes, to-do and shopping lists at the end, that can be torn out for ease. It also comes with 300 stickers – even though they’re not the most useful for me, but I can see them being useful for a number of people.


I don’t plan to super decorate my planner like everyone else because I think that totally defeats the purpose of a planner! Some of the planners I have seen online, while absolutely beautifully decorated, don’t seem to be for the purpose of planning (no offense to anyone!). I want to be able to see my things to do and important daily reminders and not have them be lost in a sea of pretty stickers and washi tapes and other messages. I’m still figuring out the best method to keep track of important life stuff in my planner, and will probably use some tape to flag items and put reminders, but will keep it pretty light overall.

I AM impressed with the super pretty Erin Condren planners and will probably get one of those next.. But for the time being, I am very happy with my $14.99 Secret Garden planner. Get it here.

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