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Bonjour, everyone!

I am in Paris! I went to the city of lights for a 5 day visit to attend a friend’s wedding in the countryside and also see Paris. No surprises, I’m so in love with the city!


Anyhoo, as any beauty enthusiast, I had a list of French beauty products that I wanted to purchase and try. I am trying to stick to a no-buy buy minimally and finish what I already have, so I reined myself in to buy only a few products. These are all items that have been raved about by hundreds of bloggers and beauty experts across the world, so I want to see for myself what the hype is all about!


A quick tip for travelers – most stores (including pharmacies) are closed in Paris on Sunday. But a quick tip for all of you, who like me, end up in Paris on a Sunday – most pharmacies (and other stores) in Le Marais district ARE open on Sundays! A good one I came across that stocks most of the popular skincare is the Pharmacie des Archives on Rue des Archives (take the metro to Hôtel de Ville, take exit 6 and it will be the first thing you see). There’s another one right across from this if you want to explore more.

À bientôt!