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I have an 8.5 month old Labrador retriever who LOVES to eat. In fact, “LOVES” is an understatement. He will eat anything that comes his way. To add to this, he has a sensitive stomach, so he is very prone to diarrhea if he eats anything bad. I am very picky about the treats I buy for him. But in an effort to keep his treats as natural as possible, I love making them for him at home.

To cure his ever sensitive stomach, I feed him a mix of canned pumpkin and yogurt on a regular basis. But mixing up the two ingredients every time is time consuming and messy. So I decided to turn that into this yummy frozen treat that is super easy to make, store and feed!

Though this is a frozen treat, my puppy loves ice and snow and loves this treat all year round!!


What you need:

Canned pumpkin {not pie filling!}
Plain yogurt {Greek or regular}
A candy mold or ice-cube tray {I love using silicone molds in doggie patterns!}


The Method:

Mix up some pumpkin and yogurt in equal quantities.

Add to the mold and freeze for a few hours.

Once frozen, take the treats out of the mold and freeze in a Ziploc bag or a freezer container for easy feeding!

Watch your pup enjoy the delicious snack!

**Disclaimer: Please use judgment and caution while feeding anything to your dogs based on their specific needs and circumstances.