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will kill for love shoes. Over the years, I have built up a huge collection of beautiful shoes. But as luck would have it, I have weird feet that pain all the time! I have naturally arched feet with hereditary bunions (my mother and grandmother have the same feet structure) that have become painfully magnified over the past few years, especially since I started wearing flats. I have learned the hard way that my feet are happiest when they have a little bit of heel on the shoe that I am wearing. Flats, no matter how pretty they look, always make my feet ache and have started to even disfigure my feet! I also feel I am most comfortable when I wear anything upto a 3 inch heel.

Another problem I have is that I have really long toes. And when you have long toes, any shoes that narrow towards the front pinch the toes so much that little painful corns start popping up between them. And at that point, pretty much everything hurts your feet! I used to feel I had “normal” width feet, but then I visited a podiatrist with all the above problems and she suggested I try wide width and non-pointy shoes.

I spend a lot of time at work, so my main concern was to be able to find professional looking pumps that were still attractive and that I could wear for long hours without hurting my feet. Not being able to wear pointy pumps made me so sad; I felt like I would have to wear boring, ugly round-toe pumps for the rest of my life. So I set out on a mission to find those perfect shoes that:

1) Had a 2-3 inch heel
2) Were non-pointy
3) Did not look ugly

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I scouted DSW and found the Dorotha pumps by Kelly & Katie that had good reviews online and felt comfortable when I tried them on. They were also quite affordable so I decided to buy 2 pairs – in beige and black, thinking I would try one out and only keep the other if it felt good. And boy did it feel good!

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I can safely say that these are the most comfortable pumps I have ever worn! The pumps have a rounded shape that is not too round, but just perfect to be quite attractive. They have a nice cushioning on the inside with a ¼ inch platform, the 2¾ inch heel feels very sturdy, and they didn’t even bite when I was breaking them in. The 2 pairs I have are made in soft faux-leather that easily conforms to the shape of my feet and feel soft and comfortable. I wear these for long days at work and don’t even change into something more casual when I need to catch my flights every week. I can walk around the airport in them, and easily spend close to 12-14 hours wearing these everyday!

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Kelly & Katie was an unknown brand to me and only seems to sell at DSW. But I am so happy with these shoes – I’m grabbing all kinds of colors in this style!

P.S. Note to all the younger people out there – do not wear complete flats if you have arched feet with natural bunions like mine; they will spoil your feet!