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During the course of my day, every day, I am constantly thinking of things I want need to write about, to review, to vent. But time, my dear, is a fickle thing. 24 hours have never been enough! So basically, I have been absolutely hating some products that I tried recently and wanted to vent out about them. It is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions when you really, reallllly want to like something but it turns out to be such horrible quality (or to be a little less harsh – maybe just doesn’t suit you)!

Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

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What do I say about this? My friend gave this to me to try and I have hated the icky mess it is from the very first use! It is a cleanser with a thick gel-like consistency with a strong smell of orange zest, which I do like. The bad part is the texture and the thick oily layer it leaves on the skin. It is a non-lathering cleanser with a ton of oils in its ingredient list. It feels like rubbing petroleum jelly on your face, without getting your face clean. The cleanser really doesn’t do anything except leave a thick layer on the skin. To top it off, it doesn’t help that I have a combination skin. Dry-skinned ladies (and gents) might actually like the texture and that it is non-drying to the skin, though I would still questions the product’s cleansing abilities. I have wanted to love the Burt’s Bees brand so much, but unfortunately it’s products never seem to work for me :(. Oh well…

Shiseido Cleansing Wipes

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I am not one for face wipes. For me, face wipes are never good for using during the day because I do want to keep my minimalist makeup on the face. As for when I want to wipe off the makeup at the end of the day, wipes never can beat a good face wash. But I decided to try these wipes anyway, just because you see wipes everywhere and everyone using it, you know… Well, long story short – these Shiseido ones are horrible! They don’t do a good enough job cleaning my face, and also cause a significant burning and itching to my skin. Is it just me? Has anyone else felt that too?

Anyways, suffice to say this is something I will never be re-purchasing.

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Pro Removers – Demaquillant Micellare Tonique

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What IS the deal with micellar waters?? Provided I have not tried any of the others, but I don’t get the concept – is this a makeup cleanser, a toner, or just some glorified water? I tried the YSL Micellar Water via a super deluxe sample I got at Sephora. I use it according to the instructions on the package, but it just lends an icky sticky feeling to my skin. And then they tell you to leave it on there and not rinse your face! Is that supposed to be it?? I’m definitely not impressed.

Did these products work for anybody? I would love to hear your experiences.