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When it comes to food, I usually play it very safe. I will always order the same sandwich, the same pasta or pretty much the standard tried and tested dish at a restaurant that I know I like because more often than not, I end up disliking anything new I try. Yes it is a surprise since I absolutely love to cook. But when it comes to cooking, I like to do it for others! I enjoy making interesting dishes for friends and family who enjoy food, rather than for myself.

On my recent visit to Japan, I was surprisingly experimental. I tried so many kinds of foods that really changed my perception of Japanese cuisine. My experience had been limited to sushi, miso soup and some kind of Japanese barbecue, and I hadn’t particularly been a fan of any of those (except that I completely love the Americanized sushi!). I also considered Japanese food to be too bland for my Indian taste buds that are used to a confusing blend of masalas in our meals.

But the food in Japan is incredibly flavorful despite the lack of any spice! It feels very fresh and light, and super healthy to eat. And the accompanying green tea with every meal is an absolute delight!

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Bento boxes and Set meals are very popular for a reason!

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Oh they do have a Japanized version of the curry, which was quite delightful as well! I am extremely amazed by the karaage (fried chicken) and katsu (fried pork cutlets) that are poles apart from the regular American fried-chicken. Even the fried Japanese stuff feels light and a delight to eat!

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One other thing in Japan that was my favorite was the vending machine on every street and corner. You can buy all kinds of cold as well as hot drinks from these machines at any time of the day or night. So convenient!

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There are some other absolutely wonderful things about the food in Japan – from the mouth-watering Mochi to the perfectly packed strawberries. I also experienced a community mochi-making session which was so much fun!

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photo 1 (1)And of course, there is no lack of western food, Japanese-style!

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photo 2 (3)I had so much fun trying food in Japan. Hopefully, I will get to go back and try some more of the local delicacies!