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The number one item on my wishlist for my trip to Japan was shopping for cosmetics and skin care! I absolutely love cosmetics in the US because of the huge variety and quality available. However, I have heard so many raves for Japanese products and I really wanted to try some for myself and see if they were indeed better. I have been here a week and have bought quite a few things that I wanted to try. I do intend to shop some more on the coming weekend right before I leave.

The biggest problem in shopping for stuff in Japan is the language. There is not a single word of English on their products! I have been buying stuff based on pictures I found on the internet of loved products in reviews and blogs.



{From left: Kate BB gel cream; Sana Soy milk Isoflavone Milk; Hada Labo Perfect Gel}

The Perfect Whip facial cleanser is a highly praised product and so inexpensive – less than 400 Yen (that’s less than US$4!), so I definitely wanted to try it. Plus how can you not get the DHC cleansing oil from the land of DHC!!


{Clockwise: Shiseido Perfect Whip Facial cleaner; DHC Deep Cleansing oil; Kanebo Media lipstick in RS-22}

Sheet masks are everywhere so I had to try one!


{From left: DHC Lip Cream; Lululun sheet mask}

And some more…


photo (3)

And of course mascara and something from Bioré. Before coming here, I had no idea Bioré was owned by a Japanese corporation! Though I’m happy to finally see something in English!


{Bioré UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen SPF 50; Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara}

I can’t wait to get back home and try some of these products. Reviews soon!

Do you have any Japanese recommended beauty products I need to buy?