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One thing that makes me sad is that despite a major drive to move towards all things natural and organic in skincare and makeup, none of the beauty brands from India, which is really the source of all Ayurveda, is known / recognized / popular at an international level! Now I haven’t tested a lot of the new beauty products in the Indian market so I can’t vouch for the efficacy of a majority of them. However, I have tried one soap, and for over 10 years now, that I can certainly vouch for!!

It was during my late teens in the early years of the 2000 decade, and I was fighting with a major acne breakout on my face and body – mainly upper back. I had been able to control my face acne to a reasonable level by using dedicated face washes, but had no clue what to do for my body. Then I saw a commercial for this Ayurvedic soap called Medimix, which was claiming to be a handmade, body-beautifying soap for controlling acne and all kinds of skin ailments. I am glad for the day I decided to try it because that was the day my life changed. It really did!!


The soap comes in a simple white and green cardboard box. Inside, it is packaged in sealed plastic to keep it fresh. I have no complaints about the packaging – after all it’s a soap! 😀

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The soap is dark green colored that comes in a 125 grams size bar. It is quite a “soft” soap and can become gooey if left in the water. It is recommended to drain the water from the soap case, as with all soaps, but more so with this one!


Due to the presence of all the herbs, Medimix smells really fresh and herbal! It does have added fragrance, so I would not recommend using if you’re allergic to fragrances. However, the smell is very pleasant and is great for a fresh bath.

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Contrary to its name that makes it sound like a “medicated” soap, Medimix is a 100% natural handmade soap with 18 herbs (read here) and claims to get rid of all skin ailments, make the skin bright and smooth, control body odour, and even remove dandruff (though I have never felt too comfortable using a soap in my hair)! From the time I started using it, my body acne vanished, my acne scars disappeared, and my skin was overall brighter and smoother. I am in love with this soap and always go back to using it after dabbling in fancy body washes for a while. It can be a bit drying for the face so I would not recommend using it all the time on the face – I typically use it on the face about once in 2 days while in the shower.

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I have used the “original” Medimix for a long, long time, though recently they have come out with more varieties including a moisturizing soap with glycerin, another with Sandalwood for skin brightening, and even a liquid face-wash. I am dying to try the one with Sandalwood, which is one of my favorite herbs for the skin! On that note, do give Sandalwood a try if you haven’t already. This is the stuff that Indian princesses used all the time for a natural glow to their skin, and is a wonder herb for the skin.

You can buy Medimix in any “Indian” grocery store (there are many in all major cities across the US now), or even on Amazon. It is so inexpensive and sooo good, I promise it will be the best 3 dollars you ever spend!