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I don’t own a lot of MAC makeup except maybe a couple of lipsticks that I really like in terms of both formula and packaging. The iconic MAC lipstick tubes seem sleek and sturdy at the same time, and I really like those. I wanted to try more stuff from the brand and made a long list of things I wanted to try. So I decided to start with a couple of blushes and ordered them online, that I received fairly quickly.

However, I am so disappointed with their packaging. The one blush I was most looking forward to (Margin) arrived with the top glass fallen out of the black ring in the top!

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I tried fixing it back but every time I open the blush and a slight pressure is applied on top, it comes out again. I love the color and texture of the blush but am so sad about the shoddy packaging. If I’m paying 20+ dollars for a product, I expect it to at least not break each time I touch it!

Has anyone else had this issue?