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They say a Chef’s tools are her best friend. Or maybe they don’t. The point is, I think having the right tools and appliances in the kitchen really affects the way you cook. I had never paid attention to this fact until recently and when I did, I have consciously noted the difference it makes to my cooking – from the ease of cooking to much higher quality meals!

While I love so many gadgets in my kitchen and have a ton more on my wishlist, I am definitely partial to a few more than the others. Here are my favorite 5 kitchen gadgets that I absolutely adore and don’t think I can survive without!! These are in no particular order, since I like all of these too much to play favorites…

1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: I can’t even begin to say how much I love this and how easy it has made life for me! After having contemplated buying this for a long time, I had not been able to justify spending $300+ on a “mixer” that did the work of a $20 appliance. However, my uncle gave this to us as a wedding present and since having used this, I can see what the hype is about. It makes blending, mixing, beating, even kneading – a breeze. Plus it has so many additional attachments that you can get for a variety of more tasks to make this more than just a “mixer” and turn it into a complete food processor.

Is it expensive? – Yes… Is it worth it? – Definitely!!

photo2. Hand Mixer: Before I got the aforementioned Stand Mixer, I had relied on my trusty hand mixer for the longest time. It has made my life easier during all my batter-makings for the past few years, and I continue to love this appliance!images

3. The trusty Oven:  I’ve always loved baking to the point of obsession. When I was younger, we had a little round portable oven that was old and rickety and pretty much worked at one fixed temperature setting. My mother was not too fond of baking and never bothered investing in a fancier one. The oven itself was a pain to open and close, so we would leave the lid a little lopsided. Baking a cake in it was a hit or miss – depending on the oven’s mood, and you can imagine how that would have been! This is what it looked like, though ours was pretty old and run down.Bajaj-OTG-Round-Oven-Home-Kitchen-Appliances-942090349-1316076915Today we take an oven in the kitchen for granted and NOT having one will be shocking. But having a kitchen with a cooking range has been a long drawn dream of mine. Every time I bake something, I feel thankful for having the oven and how easy it makes my life. Life without it would be a sad, sad place.

4. Mortar and pestle: We use all kinds of spices in our food daily. Using freshly ground spices versus a packaged ground spice can make a world of difference in the flavors and aroma in the food. I love my little marble mortar and pestle for this task. At the same time, it also makes me feel like an ancient sage creating a magical healing medicine whenever I use it. So fun!


5. Dishwasher: After much contemplation on my last top choice, I decided that it had to be the dishwasher! Every time I fill it up and it runs to clean up the dirty dishes, I feel almost a euphoric happiness that everything is clean and dry!! I am always so eager for it to fill up so that I can run it. Needless to say, one appliance that makes me truly happy!!

What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets?