I don’t want this to become a “wedding” blog, so I promise this is going to be my last wedding related post! Since I was on the topic of weddings, I wanted to post the top five lessons learnt for brides from my wedding last year. I know a lot has been posted on this topic and I claim to be no expert in this area, but I’m hoping this advice can help someone avoid some of the mistakes I made and have a more enjoyable wedding! 🙂

1. Makeup trials

I can’t stress on how important this is – especially if you’re in a smaller town and the quality of the makeup artist is even remotely suspect. Most importantly, DO get an EYE MAKEUP trial since this is where most people fail! I did not have enough time for the trial, and this is my biggest regret. Since our first event was being held in a relatively smaller town with very few salon options, I should definitely have done a trial. On the day of the event, with time running short, I was literally in tears when I looked at my eye makeup – it was the most hideous pink and purple! I told the lady to do something about it, and thankfully she was able to salvage it. The final look was decent, but I think it could’ve been better.

eyes2. Take photos of the look you want

While thinking about what kind of hair and makeup you want, save all the pictures you like. Once you narrow down on the final look, print a good resolution copy of that picture and show the artist before you start. This way, the artist will know exactly what you’re looking for!


3. Have plenty of time to get ready

This is pretty intuitive, but with all the things you need to do at the wedding, time is always running short. Make sure you leave enough time to get ready for your events. Being short on time will not only make you all anxious, but you also don’t want to make your makeup artist harried because we all know how that would turn up!

4. A “Brides-aid” kit for every event

As the wedding approached, I had read every article / blog I could find on wedding to-dos and every one of them stressed on having an emergency kit handy at the events. And did I make one? Ha no! Maybe it was the time shortage, or maybe it was the number of things to do – I can go on with a hundred reasons. But my advice to you, dear ladies, is to try to have a handy kit ready with a friend or cousin. Stuff some basic items like safety pins, bobby pins, pain reliever, q-tips, lipstick for touch-ups, tampons, stain remover and anything else you might need in an emergency. Trust me, it helps.

5. Relax and have fun!

The time at your wedding is going to fly faster than you can say wedding! There will be relatives and friends at the wedding – some you like, some you don’t. There will be gossip and lots of talking. But try to ignore and forget everything negative, relax, and enjoy the time. Eat healthy and don’t forget to hydrate! This is your day and it’ll come once in your lifetime. So have fun Princess!!