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To complete the wedding series, here is a lowdown on the second day of my wedding, and some more details around the outfit and makeup.

Day 2: Engagement Ceremony

In Indian weddings, there usually is a day / ceremony dedicated to exchanging rings between the boy and girl, fondly called the “Engagement”.  This is also the time for the groom’s family to give gifts to the bride, and vice versa.

For this day, I wanted an outfit that was festive enough but at the same time very dramatically different from my wedding outfit. So I was certain I wasn’t going to be wearing a lehenga* on this day. I had toyed with the idea of going the Anarkali suit** route for a while. However, during one of my wedding shopping trips, I stumbled upon a beautiful tulle gown in yellow (which also is one of my favorite colors!) with burgundy and silver embellishments. It was perfect!

We kept the makeup simple with gold eyes and a hint of burgundy on the outer corners. For the hair, I wanted a half-up hairdo. Though it didn’t come out exactly as I wanted (since I did not take a picture of the look I was trying to get – rookie mistake!), I was happy with the final look.

I wore my mum’s diamond earrings that just happened to match the dress perfectly! Oh ohh and here’s the back of the dress which is my favorite part!!


*An Indian traditional outfit that is like a full length skirt worn with a blouse and stole.

** Another traditional Indian outfit that is almost like a long flared tunic and worn with a bottom resembling tights.