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So it’s going to be a year since we got married. The year flew by so quickly! I barely have had the time to sit down and realize that I’m married. The words “husband”, “Mrs.” still seem so alien.

Anyhoo, in this whirlwind of a year, I totally neglected my blog while I was busy with other things. As our first anniversary approaches, I want to reminisce on my wedding preparation, the outfits I chose and maybe some advice for brides-to-be.

Ours was quite a very quick and short North-Indian (read Punjabi) style wedding. And my adorable mother (and father too, I should not forget) helped do so much of the background work when it came to shopping! They scouted stores to find options for my outfits, and then we exchanged pictures of what we liked – they from the stores, and I from various online sources that I liked!

Day 1: Mata ki Chowki

This was essentially a way to mark the beginning of the festivities by paying an ode to the Mother Goddess. This was organized at our place where my mother lives. Looking back, I feel like this was a disaster waiting to happen, and was averted only by the Mother Goddess’ very divine intervention! With the outfit almost ending up to be a disaster, to the makeup almost gone horribly wrong, I am so glad we were able to salvage it!


The outfit: It was designed by my mother herself! A navy top, a golden shimmery lehenga and a silver and gold dupatta. I wish I had some pictures of the back as well – the blouse had a beautifully designed back as well!!

IMG_0522I’ll be back with more details soon!