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So 2014 is here and we’re already 2 weeks in! Time really does fly!! There were so many things I wanted to get accomplished in 2013, but never really got down to them. My most important “resolution” for this year is to manage time more effectively and complete all the things that I kept procrastinating on last year. Oh and yes to drink water, lots of it!

Since this is a time for new resolutions and to-do lists for the year, I wanted to list my top skincare products that I tried and loved in 2013, mostly by way of samples, and are on my list to get full-size products of. I feel like these are some lesser known products that I believe really do perform brilliantly based on my first impressions and are a must have in everyone’s beauty closet.

Alchimie Forever’s Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask: I tried a sample of this mask not hoping for anything spectacular, especially since I had a single-use paquet from one of my beauty box subscriptions. However, I was so amazed at the results, that I am willing to break my vow of not buying new skincare till I finish my existing stuff! The mask is a dusty pink colored paste and claims to “soothe, protect, and brighten dull skin“. It smells so amazing and even looks like blueberry yogurt (AND doesn’t hurt that it contains blueberries)! And I can honestly say that my skin was visibly softer and brighter! Even the husband claimed that I looked “very pretty” (of course men don’t realize WHAT really changed!). This retails for $60 for a 3.3 oz jar, and can be purchased directly from the Alchimie-Forever website.


(Photo credit: http://www.alchimie-forever.com)

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant: I received a deluxe sample of this in one of my Blush.com beauty boxes and again, one use and I was sold. The scrub comes in the form of a fine white powder that smells oh-so-mazing! It contains super yummy ingredients like strawberry, rhubarb, oats, ckickpea flour, and rice. You just mix it with some water or your regular cleanser and exfoliate. And the results are immediately visible – clean, smooth, and super radiant skin. Another favorite for life! This retails for $48 for 4.2 oz, and can be purchased from the Dermstore website.


(Photo credit: http://www.dermstore.com)