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This is the first time I’m reviewing a skin care product, but I just couldn’t resist sharing my new-found wisdom with the world. Ah well, maybe not as much as wisdom as a beautiful discovery. A few weeks back, I had been lusting after the Kinara Red Carpet facial kit, to which I had given in and indulged.

This facial kit is touted as “the secret weapon of stars requiring immediate, highly-visible results for their highest-visibility events“. The kit retails for $145 and can be purchased online. Though it seems quite pricey, you get at least 10 facials if you use the recommended quantity of a teaspoon. That’s only $14.50 per facial! However, I do think you can actually get more out of it, which makes it a worthy investment.

So first things first – I am in looovvvee – with this product and the way it makes my skin feel! It is super easy to apply and the total ritual involves 3 steps and takes only about 20 minutes. You start with clean skin, apply the peel for 1-3 minutes depending on how oily it is, then work in the neutralizer, and finally apply the mask. The peel has Lactic and Malic acids that help slough off the dead skin. I got slight redness on my cheeks and nose after steps 1 and 2, but it was gone after I put the mask on. Ohh which by the way plumps and hydrates the skin beautifully.

There is one caveat, though, especially if it is your first time applying a peel (which it was for me). The instructions mention that the first step would tingle, but for me it was when I applied the neutralizer. And it wasn’t just a tingle; it was a BURN! Also, make sure you have a washcloth ready. I did not have one, and was trying to find it while putting the neutralizer and it was the worst feeling ever! So much for a “neutralizer”…

However, all is well that ends well. I am thinking of maybe secretly stocking up on this product lest they stop making it! But I know this one kit is going to last me for a while, so maybe I’ll just wait.

The Results: My pores seem smaller, my skin is clearer and brighter – overall I am loving the results!!

What I like:

  • Skin feels super soft and clean
  • Pores look smaller
  • Application is super quick and easy
  • Can be done quite often, especially if you have oily skin

What I don’t like:

  • The burn I feel from applying the neutralizer
  • The fact that it is quite pricey

Go ahead and try this facial kit, this is something you will not regret!